Our CEO & President

Enthused is an understatement. The Development Team could not be more overjoyed that Claude Allen has agreed to be the founding CEO and President of LoveINC MoCo. Yes, Claude has an impressive resume which spans more than two decades of domestic, foreign policy, and private sector experience. Yes, Claude has led large teams in sectors as diverse as health, education, labor, and government contracts. And yes, Claude’s consulting firm, Volans Global, LLC, has taken him around the world working with diverse corporate, government and not-for-profit organizations at the highest levels.

But Claude and his wife Jannesse have long felt that God led them from Virginia to Montgomery County to bless and serve neighbors for a bigger purpose. Accordingly, in addition to the many other ways Claude and Jann have “neighbored strangers”, Claude has provided gospel justice to those in need for 15 years as part of the Good Samaritan Advocates Christian legal aid ministry. In addition, he co-founded a prison legal aid clinic, where he and a team of lawyers and volunteers provide legal services and eternal hope to inmates at the Montgomery County Correctional Facility.

However, the reason the development team is overjoyed to have Claude and Jann spearhead this initiative, is that they have their own painful and transformative Redemption Story, which we look forward to sharing in a future LoveINC MoCo newsletter. Beauty from ashes. Kintsugi artistry from shattered pieces. Their Creator has been lovingly refashioning the Allen’s from the shards of the last two decades. We are therefore inspired and emboldened in our faith to see similar transformation come and increase in the lives of individuals and churches in Montgomery County.