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Kintsugi, a Story: Miranda & Jacob

Kintsugi - The Japanese art of restoring shattered pottery by connecting broken fragments together with gold, creating an item of great beauty and worth. This image captures what we see God doing: restoring broken lives through the sacrificial love of his people, while simultaneously unifying his many varied churches, and thus bringing healing to our county.

Miranda and her young son Jacob (names are changed for privacy), had suffered much from the head of their family. When a friend learned of just some of the details of their life, she reached out to others for help. A one hour assessment meeting that day made it clear immediate action needed to be taken. That day a restraining order was filed and Miranda was pursuing a county shelter. None were available.

brown cardboard boxes on gray asphalt roadClaude Allen knew a widow with space in her home and a need for income. That weekend, arrangements were made, and 18 people from three different churches gathered to move possessions to a storage unit and a home, while someone from a fourth church fixed door closures to create a separate unit in the dwelling. Moving expenses and initial rent were covered by anonymous donors.

Miranda demonstrated strong resolve and initiative. As she pursued government assistance and court dates, individuals from various churches and ministries came alongside to provide legal and career counsel as well as emotional support. Another church doubled the value of her food stamps at their weekly farmers market. Meanwhile, the county government supported her cause, and provided structure for her family’s fractured condition.

In the swirl of activities that are part of a life in transition, members of various churches provided childcare, and welcomed her to women’s meetings, Sunday services and church picnics. When it was learned Miranda had no resources to celebrate her son’s birthday, a party was spontaneously birthed at someone’s home, with donations of food and gifts. Miranda had time and talent, which she leveraged to serve her host. She cared for the woman’s house and gardens for three weeks while her host traveled, and even painted the front hallway.

It has been only ten weeks since that fortuitous conversation with a friend, and Miranda’s pursuits have paid off with several job offers. The journey is far from over, but the peace and joy in Jacob, no longer curled in a fetal position in the corner, testify to the abundant grace overflowing from many. Jesus is working through the hands and feet of his people, bringing redemption out of brokenness, creating beauty where there were only shattered pieces.

Collage of churches

A “thank you” to the members and ministries of Church of the Redeemer, Neighborhood Church, Northstar Church, Covenant Life Church, Difference Makers, Potomac Believers Fellowship, Brunswick First Baptist, and maybe a few we missed!