Young man helping an older man, who needs help to walk, get out of the car.

What if…

In the fall of 2021, Chip Grange, Claude Allen, and Doug Duberstein started meeting weekly regarding a shared burden of connecting churches for the purpose of meeting community needs. They had witnessed the success of GSA (Good Samaritan Advocates) in connecting churches through the shared ministry of providing free legal help to people in the communities where various churches ministered. However, in serving members of Montgomery County, they were regularly aware of the needs apart from legal that these individuals faced.

As they labored on developing the vision, structure, and heart of such a ministry, they were made aware of an existing organization in Montana by their friend Ken Sande. They connected with the organization and started to learn about Love INC (Love In the Name of Christ). The more they learned, the more excited they became, as they recognized incredible alignment with all they had envisioned. As Doug shared – “It was like they were reading our notes!”

A man named Virgil Gulker founded Love Inc. in Holland, Michigan in 1977. Today there are more than 150 Love INC affiliates in 30 states, representing a network of more than 9,000 churches.

So what does Love Inc do?

The clearest answer may be to watch this 2:44 video:

But in verbiage, Love INC acts as a liaison between the social ministries of churches to meet the needs of an individual in the community more completely, while simultaneously caring for that person holistically – body and soul. Much more than a dispenser of material needs, Love INC assists churches to come alongside people to engage them and provide opportunities for self advancement.

A ten minute video with Virgil Gulker shares how Love INC started. In it he also articulates a vision of the potential impact (revival?) that a multitude of churches working together can have on communities and the nation.

It seemed to the team that the Holy Spirit was leading them to start a Love INC chapter in Montgomery County, MD. As they embarked on taking the steps to become a Love INC affiliate, sharing the vision with churches in the area, the response was amazing, thus this newsletter. We want to share the information more broadly, and coalesce churches more quickly, who desire to be part of this work of meeting the needs of our neighbors, and through addressing practical needs, bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to our county one person, one family at a time.

Just imagine… what if, a person looking for a handout, received a hand-up, as well as community, and potential for further transformation?

You Have My Interest

Above all, please pray… yes, right now.

Unless the LORD builds the house,
those who build it labor in vain.
– Psalms 127:1

  • Several churches have already signed up to work in concert with Love INC – MoCo, and our website has just been launched. Are you…
  • Part of a church, nonprofit, or business in Montgomery County who would be interested in networking with others to meet the spiritual and material needs of our county?
  • An individual who would have a passion to “neighbor” the people of Montgomery County?
  • Someone who has faith and resources to fund the work of Love INC – MoCo?
  • In need yourself, or know others who could benefit from others coming alongside?

Over the next month, God willing, Love INC – MoCo will be recruiting its governing board, establishing its initial location, continuing to canvas and develop partnerships with churches. non-profits, and government agencies, completing its onboarding process with Love INC National, recruiting and training volunteers, and preparing to coordinate meeting the needs of our neighbors. Because our heart is to help, we will continue to address needs as best as we are able through existing partnerships while Love INC – MoCo gets established.

For partnership, additional information or communicating needs, you can contact us by filling the form, communicate your desire to volunteer, or donate.

Love INC acts as a liaison between the social ministries of churches to meet the needs of an individual in the community more completely, while simultaneously caring for that person holistically—body and soul.